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The Quest for Gender Equality: “I’m Gay, So What?”

Sexual orientation and gender identity are inherent aspects of every individual and should never be the subject of discrimination and abuse. Human Rights organizations that protect and preserve the rights of the LGBT community also support various activists that represent multiple identities and issues.

They continuously fight for their right to equality and fair treatment. In addition to that, they also determine ways to better express themselves in society by identifying their own gender identities and freely voicing out how they want to be addressed. 

The Existence of Third Sex

In general, people are more aware right now of the existence of various gender identities and sexual orientations due to numerous awareness campaigns and organizations that highlight their relevance in society.

Aside from males and females, the third sex cannot be ignored which refers to lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgendered (LGBT). And then we also have the bi-curious, hetero-sexuals, gender-neutral, non-binary, genderqueer, cis and the list goes on. 

In line with the existence of various gender identities and sexual orientations, there are several social issues that are being dragged into the limelight such as the issue of gender-neutral bathrooms and trans-women being allowed to join in female beauty pageants.

Such issues led to countless debates and controversies. However, one fact remains. The persistence of the third sex cannot be ignored and they are becoming more and more unstoppable in claiming their rights.

Strengthening the Rights of the Members of the Third Sex

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There are many ways to express gender equality. The first is by respecting our individual differences, personalities, and unique choices. The second is by breaking the boundary set by the society against members of the third sex.

The third is by creating equal opportunities for all individuals regardless of gender orientation. Lastly, we can express our support by widening our perspectives about the subject of gender and equality and acknowledging the need for acceptance. 

Several fields and industries are now creating equal opportunities for men, women, and members of the third sex. Such as the chat line numbers company that designates a specific chat line category for gays and lesbians to interact with fellow members of the LGBT community.

Another is the fashion industry because more and more fashion brands are selling LGBT Pride apparel to support the third sex and acknowledge their presence in the society like Adidas (Pride Pack), GAP (We Are One Collection), Banana Republic (Love is Love) and Abercrombie & Fitch (Made For Love).

In addition to the growing list; there’s also the Miss Universe Organization that launched Miss Spain Angela Ponce is the first transgender woman to take part in the pageant. 


Whenever the subject of human rights is being discussed, one of the most sensitive topics points out gender equality. Before, feminists fight for equal rights between men and women.

There are certain aspects wherein their efforts resulted in successful outcomes although the subject remains to be highly sensitive. 

In this modern age and time, the fight for equality has gotten to a new and more challenging level as the LGBT community began exerting their own efforts to be recognized in society.

There are some industries that already acknowledged their needs and presence which significantly marks the start of a more aggressive campaign on gender equality and a laborious journey towards social acceptance. 

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