Welcome to humanrightsnow.org! This site is dedicated to all millennial people out there who are looking for ways to gain a better understanding of the most basic human rights. 

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Angela K.

My name is Angela King a 34-year old blogger, activist and motivational speaker from Miami, Florida. I am the writer/owner of this blog site and my objective is to be able to discuss basic human rights in relation to this present and modern-day culture. I am particularly choosing topics that pertain to every person’s pursuit of happiness, freedom and equality. 

My vision in creating this blog site is to be able to reach out to more people who are unaware about their rights in this society. I would also like to break certain stereotypes such as gender inequality, specific gender preferences for certain job positions and racial discrimination which I believe continue to exist even in this present age.

I hope that I would be able to impart valuable and awe-inspiring content that can draw various insights among my readers.

Just the same, I would also like to share and discuss topics that can generate reactions – both good and bad; because I believe that it is only by way of expressing our thoughts and opinions that we are able to share our knowledge and intellect about significant topics. And by voicing out and discussing our different points of views, we are also able to learn from each other. 

Again, I’m officially welcoming you to my blog site and I’m sincerely looking forward to interacting with you through my chosen topics.